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Southwest Decor, Prairies Legend Wall Hanging Prairies Legend
24"h 24"w Copper Patina
Southwestern Wall Hanging
WA-106AM Regular $111.00
Sale $96.50

Southwest Decor, Medicine Man Wall Hanging Medicine Man
40"h Red Rock Patina Metal Southwest Style Wall Hanging
WA-110SC Regular $350.00
Sale $320.50

Southwest Decor, Freed Spirit Wall Hanging Freed Spirit
44" X 76" (over all) Copper Patina
Southwest Wall Hanging
WA-115SC Regular $462.00
Sale $447.50

Southwest Decor, Mother Nature Wall Hanging Mother Nature
19"h 30"w Copper & Brushed Steel Patinas
Laser Cut Wall Hanging
WA-117CC  Regular $310.00
Sale $295.50

Southwest Decor, Dawn Of The Hunt Wall Hanging Dawn Of The Hunt
48"h Red Rock Patina
Southwestern Style Wall Hanging
WA-119SC Regular $332.00
Sale $317.50

Southwest Decor, Battle Prayer Wall Hanging Battle Prayer I
36"h 20"w Red Rock Patina, Southwestern Style Metal Wall Hanging
WA-121AM Regular $190.00
Sale $175.50

Southwest Decor, Bear Hunter Wall Hanging Bear Hunter
30"h 23"w Copper Patina Native American Style Wall Hanging
WA-138AM Regular $170.00
Sale $155.50

Southwest Decor, Victory Party II Wall Hanging Victory Party II
48" Wide BY 28" Tall, Copper Patina Southwestern Style
WA-144SC Regular $210.00
Sale $195.50

Southwest Decor, Follow The Flute II Wall Hanging Follow The Flute II
36"h 16"w Copper Patina
Southwest Kokopelli Wall Art
WA-150AM-36 Regular $164.00
Sale $149.50

Southwest Decor, Thundering Past Wall Hanging Thundering Past
48" Multi Colored Patinas
Buffalo Metal Wall Hanging
WA-168PC Regular $711.00
Sale $696.50

Southwest Decor, Hoop Dancer II Wall Hanging Hoop Dancer II
48" Red Rock Patina Native American Style Wall Hanging
WA-175SC Regular $332.00
Sale $317.50

Southwest Decor, Horse Stick Dancer II Wall Hanging Horse Stick Dancer II
48"h 27"w Red Rock Patina Style Wall Hanging
WA-178SC Regular $332.00
Sale $317.50

Southwest Decor, Eagle Dancer II Wall Hanging Eagle Dancer II
35"w 59"h Red Rock Patina Metal Wall Hanging
WA-181SC Regular $332.00
Sale $317.50

Southwest Decor, On Native Winds II Large Wall Hanging On Native Winds II
48" Multi Colored Patinas & Laces Wall Hanging
WA-185PC Regular $390.00
Sale $375.50

Southwest Decor, Spirit Horse Large Wall Hanging Spirit Horse
48" Multi Colored Patinas & Laces Southwest Style Wall Hanging
WA-186PC Regular $390.00
Sale $375.50

Southwest Decor, Spirit Horse Wall Hanging Spirit Horse
36" Red Rock Patina. Style Metal Wall Hanging
WA-186SC Regular $175.00
Sale $149.50

Southwest Decor, Moon Dogs II Wall Hanging Moon Dogs II
48"W 30"H Red Rock Patina. Layered Piece in back of the moon.
WA-303PC Regular $390.00
Sale $375.50

Southwest Decor, Buffalo Run Wall Hanging Buffalo Run
24" Copper Patina Iron Wall Hanging
WA-320AM Regular $110.00
Sale $95.50

Southwestern and Native American metal wall art continues to hold its popularity all across the country. Between the clear blue skies of the southwest desert and the beautiful long distance views and spectacular sunsets inspiration comes easy to artist R.A. Guthrie. Southwest design consists in reproducing faithfully the southwestern lifestyle or combining it in a successful manner with other design.

Indian dancers depicted in their native dress and dance offer realism not found in any other laser cut pieces. Southwestern and Native American designs create wonderful Arizona gifts depicting many desert and cactus images thought of when the name Arizona comes up.

General Information

All Southwestern Iron Wall Art is ground shipped for the continental US. Most items ship within 3-5 days. if it's on backorder please allow 2 to 4 weeks for shipment of your order, variations in design and price subject to change without notice. All artwork featured in this section is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form.

Return Policy

Overall customer satisfaction is our utmost concern. We understand a trusting relationship is your greatest concern and our best method of referrals. Therefore you will be refunded your money when the item is returned as follows:

If there is a problem with your order, please contact us within the first 5 days of delivery date for refund or replacements by e-mailing us at or phoning Toll Free 1-877-884-3387.

We'll provide you with information to ship back the item directly to our returns branch, which is at a separate location. Items are to be returned in the original packaging, original condition, with all manuals or other related documentation. Refunds will only be applied as a credit to the merchant card for which item was originally purchased within 30 days of return. Shipping charges are not refundable.

All Metal Art In This Section Are Copyrighted

Patina Color Samples

Black Cherry Patina Brushed Steel Patina Red Rock Patina Coral Fusion Patina Forest Patina Copper Patina
Black Cherry Brushed Steel Red Rock Coral Fusion Forest Copper Patina